Teaching and Learning International Survey: TALIS 2018 The international survey of teachers & school leaders

TALIS provides important, robust evidence about teachers' experiences on an international scale. This evidence, especially when taken together with other international surveys, gives our policy makers and school leaders a real opportunity to reflect on what is working.Duncan Baldwin, Deputy Director, ASCL
The Department for Education is funding TALIS 2018 in England. TALIS provides valuable evidence for policy makers, educational experts and teachers about teaching as a profession and how our practices and conditions compare internationally. Findings from the previous TALIS survey in 2013 influenced the Standard for Teachers’ Professional Development and were a key driver of the 2014 Workload Challenge. We strongly encourage schools to take part.Department for Education
I believe that schools of all kinds should embrace TALIS, as it provides a wealth of comparative international information on teaching and learning that can make a huge difference to the children in our care. By taking part, school leaders around the world can inform policy decisions in education, as well as help identify the most effective influences on high-quality teaching. Please do contribute if invited, as the OECD education community deserves to hear what England has to offer.Neil Roskilly, ISA
TALIS is quickly becoming the voice of teachers in England. TALIS 2013 showed that teachers in England were spending more time on non-teaching tasks than teachers in most other nations. With new questions on the sources of stress, working conditions and progression opportunities, the TALIS 2018 survey represents a unique opportunity for the concerns of teachers to be heard.John Bangs
The OECD’s TALIS survey of teachers has real impact. When it last ran in 2013, secondary school teachers told us that professional development wasn’t up to scratch. Government responded with an expert review. At NAHT, we launched new CPD programmes, including our Edge membership scheme to fill the gap. We are pleased that primary school colleagues are able to take part in TALIS for the first time in 2018 to help influence policy in the years ahead.Russell Hobby, General Secretary, NAHT

The OECD’s Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) is the first and only international survey that focuses on the teaching practices and the working conditions of teachers and their headteachers in England and over 40 other countries.

TALIS gives teachers and headteachers a unique opportunity to have a say and influence the development of education policy.


What is TALIS?

TALIS is OECD’s survey of teachers and headteachers which is carried out in more than 40 countries. It has taken place every five years since it was first carried out in 2008. England participated for the first time in 2013, focussing on lower secondary (KS3) teachers and their headteachers.

For TALIS 2018, England will survey primary (KS1 & KS2) and lower secondary (KS3) school teachers and their headteachers.

In England, the Department for Education (DfE) is responsible for TALIS, with support by the National Centre. The National Centre team consists of FFT Education Ltd, UCL Institute of Education and RAND Europe who have collaborated to implement the TALIS survey.

Main survey

The TALIS main survey takes place in March 2018. 200 primary schools and 200 secondary schools will be selected to take part.

In each of the selected schools, 20 teachers and their headteachers will be asked to complete the TALIS questionnaire during the survey period. It’s very important for the selected schools to take part so England can meet OECD’s strict participation requirements to be involved in this study. The more schools take part, the more reliable the results.

Each school will be asked to provide a contact who the National Centre team can liaise with directly to provide support and guidance throughout the TALIS process.


The Independent School Association has endorsed TALIS as a valuable and important survey and encourages the selected independent schools to contribute in order to produce meaningful analysis across all types of schools. Please see the letter from the Independent School Association encouraging selected school’s participation in TALIS 2018.

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Teaching unions NAHT and ASCL have also endorsed TALIS, recognising the impact that the previous survey in 2013 had in implementing policy change at government level to achieve better working practices for the teaching profession. The union General Secretaries encourage all headteachers of selected sample schools to register to participate, and encourage their teachers to complete the survey.

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Key dates and milestones for TALIS 2018
Autumn 2016
Sampled schools are informed about their participation in the TALIS 2018 field trial
Schools register with the National Centre and begin preparations for the field trial survey period
February–March 2017
Field Trial survey period
June 2017
Sampled schools are informed about their participation in the TALIS 2018 main survey
Schools register with the National Centre and begin preparations for the main survey period
March–May 2018
Main Survey period
June 2019
Release of the International and National TALIS 2018 report
July–December 2019
Participating schools receive school reports and are invited to National TALIS 2018 conference(s)


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The Education Datalab team delivering TALIS in 2018

Rebecca Allen

TALIS 2018 Project Director
Rebecca Allen is Director of Education Datalab. She is an expert in the analysis of large scale administrative and survey datasets, including the National Pupil Database and School Workforce Census.

Laura James

TALIS 2018 National Project Manager
Laura James is a project manager across a number of research projects at Education Datalab and FFT. She has over five years’ of project management experience and worked on both TALIS 2013 and PISA 2015 at RM Data Solutions.

Dave Thomson

TALIS 2018 National Data Manager
Dave Thomson is Chief Statistician at FFT with over fifteen years’ experience working with educational attainment data in local government, higher education and the commercial sector.

John Jerrim

TALIS 2018 Lead Academic, Analysis & Reporting
John Jerrim is a Research Associate at Education Datalab and a Reader in Educational and Social Statistics at UCL Institute of Education. John has worked extensively with the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) data and worked on the data analysis national report for TALIS 2013.