What makes a good school coordinator?

Author: Laura James, TALIS 2018 National Project Manager.

Each participating school will need to nominate a school coordinator to act as the main point of contact between the National Centre and the school.

The nominated school coordinator will primarily need to have access to the school’s teacher data and be able to pass on the information provided to the sampled teachers so they are able to complete their questionnaires.  With support from the National Centre the school coordinator will have responsibility of the following:

  1. Providing a list of the school’s teachers to the National Centre.
  2. Informing sampled teachers how to take part in TALIS.
  3. Encouraging teachers to complete the online questionnaire throughout the survey period.

The school coordinator role is very important to the success of TALIS 2018 within a school and having spoken to schools that participated in the TALIS field trial the school coordinator role is one that is highly recommended to be fulfilled by someone other than the headteacher.

Once a school coordinator has been nominated the National Centre will contact them directly to update them with the TALIS 2018 timeline and next steps.  The school coordinator will receive a unique login to the TALIS 2018 portal whereby they can complete the tasks mentioned outlined above both securely and easily.

Feedback from school coordinators that took part in the field trial earlier this year included:

“instructions I received were straight forward and easy to execute”

“clearly identified progress and stages via the task list”

“when needed advice was always given promptly and was helpful”

“easy to use website”

“process very clear and did not involve a great deal of time”

If you have any further questions about nominating your school coordinator role or about the TALIS 2018 survey generally please do not hesitate to contact the National Centre by emailing talis@fft.org.uk

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